Forging starts with the mold and it ends with the mold. The mold is the most important part of forging. We have been making our own molds for 40 years, and we do not shrink away from the challenges that other mold manufactures will evade. Instead we have continued to refine our mold technology, accumulating more than 700 different molds. But we do not simply make a mold according to the engineering drawings. We put our long years of experience to work and really think about the intention and requirements of our customers. Then we transfer the resulting design into the latest CAD/CAM system. We are very proud that in addition to having short delivery and high precision, our molds also provide a high molding rate. 
We are one of the first to introduce TQC and TPM to the production line. We have made a consistent effort to improve the productivity of the entire company. TPM is a method which is used to push both the availability ratio of equipment and the yield of products as close as possible to 100%. Our TPM activities are among some the most effective in the industry. From each production process to final inspection, our employees are very conscious of what it takes to make TPM work. This is what backs up the complete guarantee which we are proud to put on our products.