Japan and Malaysia Expanding Operations Globally Under a Bipolar System  

The 21st Century will be the age of Asia. It is our aim to achieve global expansion which is based on a solid vision of the future, and that is why we began forging operations in Malaysia in 1996. Of course this means not only setting up the basic equipment, but also maintaining the same high level of technology and production capacity for which our operations in Japan are acknowledged. Based on an intimate system bound by the Internet, we are energetically continuing to develop products with high added value and to embark ourselves in new business fields.  
The history of forging is over 6000 years old. Forging has also been a major part ot the infrastructure of Japan's modern industry, and we are proud of the forged products that we produce. That is why we were the first to meet the challenges of hot forging, cold forging, and complex forging. We have achieved a level of quality and precision that is among the top in the world and now we are moving toward being an all-round forger with an even more global focus than before.